Welcome to all of the families of our Year 5 students for 2019. We hope that you have enjoyed your holiday break. The Year 5 teachers are Mr Mark Downie (5DM), Mrs Michelle Dorais (Team Leader), Mr Ian Stokes (5IS) and Mrs Nicole Kidd (5LM). In addition to classroom teachers, Mr Graham Byworth is the Year 5 & 6 Learning Improvement Co-ordinator and will also be supporting the learning of students in each of the Year 5 classes.

Throughout this year, our Year 5 children will be involved in many interesting, exciting and educational learning experiences. We would like to congratulate all of our students on an enthusiastic and positive start to the school year.

Each term a Year 5 newsletter will be sent home to keep you informed about special events and activities within the Year 5 area and how you can help your child at home. The whole school newsletter will be sent home with the eldest child in the family fortnightly on Wednesdays. Please read these newsletters carefully as they contain valuable information.