To Reduce our electricity and gas consumption we implement the following recommendations:

  • Relocate the BER weather sensor
  • Use gas heating efficiently instead of reverse cycle air conditioners
  • Adjust server room thermostats to 240C
  • Set classroom heating thermostats to 190C or Level 3
  • Replace the remaining T8 fluorescent lamps with energy efficient alternatives
  • Replace appliances with energy efficient models, in particular the stove and refrigerator in the staffroom and the refrigerator in the Sick Bay
  • Refrain from using heating and cooling in April and October each year.

Reducing our mains water consumption

  • Replace large grass areas with all-weather surfaces.
  • Encourage students to use drink bottles rather than drinking from taps during lesson times.


  • Reduce waste through Nude Food Days.
  • Adopt strategies in the School Canteen to minimise food wrappings and the resulting litter.
  • Continue investigating effective teaching and learning approaches that reduce paper usage through photocopying.
  • Implement print monitoring system to reduce paper and toner waste.

Increasing biodiversity

  • Establish outdoor learning and play spaces that promote biodiversity of plant and bird life
  • Increase the range of indigenous plants where practicable.