Iramoo Primary School is located in the City of Wyndham in Melbourne's rapidly growing outer Western Suburbs. The school has provided outstanding education for local children since 1978 and has a tradition of promoting student excellence in literacy, numeracy, physical education/sports and all areas of the Arts.

The purpose of Iramoo Primary School is to create an environment in which children thrive and all available human and physical resources are devoted to this goal. The school is arranged in small single year level classes and also provides high level specialised classes in Information & Communication Technology, Physical Education/Sport, Performing & Visual Arts and Spanish language.=


2017 Annual Report to the School Community

The Annual School Report is a summary of school progress over the previous year.  The Report briefly outlines the general operation of the school, then comments on the Student Achievement, Engagement and Wellbeing, and on school Productivity (resourcing).  

To access our school's 2017 Annual School Report, please click on the link below;

2017 Annual Report to the School Community