Your child’s last year at primary school is a special year and to help make it memorable, our school is again offering a Year 6 windcheater, Year 6 polo shirt and Year 6 bomber jacket printed with the names of the students and their teachers. It is expected that every Year 6 student will have one of these special uniform pieces and in recent years many parents have ordered more than one. Students will be required to wear royal blue polo shirts (not necessarily the special Year 6 garment) to interschool sporting competitions and, as stated in our Student Dress Code ‘Only students in uniform will be permitted to represent the school e.g. excursions, choir, sport etc.’. We are very pleased to have maintained the same price for the windcheater and polo shirt for the past five years. Last year we introduced a bomber jacket to the special uniform pieces and the cost for this garment in 2020 will be $50.

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